Pain and Gain | Pain is a Message


Pain and Gain, Real or imagined? “The difference between toughing it out and being stupid is a tiny tiny sliver of delusion.” ~ Eric Davis Pain is natures way of saying, “stop that”. Sometimes you do have to push through the pain, but it should only be done when it is the only way to […]

Meatless Monday

Falafel Patty Sanwich and Green Beans

Meatless Monday is a new thing for us. Today was our second time participating. We are doing this as part of our bid to eat more healthy foods in more health proportions. We have no desire or intention to become vegan, or even vegetarian  but we have drastically cut back on the meat we consume and shifted what […]

The Vector


I know I should have felt guilty and I’m fairly certain that there had been a time when I would have. I have a vague memory of feeling guilt. Something to do with a girl, I’m certain. Still I pushed the button and waited for the machine to respond. The machine wouldn’t care about my […]

The Girl With The Big Gun

Hiding Place

As the cloud of smoke blew back into her face she strained to hold her place. The temptation to move was almost overwhelming, and if not for her extensive training she would certainly have bolted already. It took only a second to squeeze the release lever that sent the penetrator speeding across the valley to slam into […]

Weight Loss Failure: The Fat Guy Confession

Weight loss failure . Well, I’ve now gained back 20 of he pounds I so painstakingly lost. I’m back up to 297 lbs. from my low of 270 lbs. Weight Loss Problem Statement The factors are involved in this problem statement as I see it are: MyFitnessPal was a pain in the ass. While monitoring […]