I Am Thankful

I am thankful.

I am thankful as I have ever been in my life. It is only right that I be so thankful, as I have so many good reasons for the feeling.
I Am Thankful

I am thankful for what I have at home

I have been married now for just over nine years to a woman who somehow has put up with me all this time. In those nine years we have had two children who, to my great surprise, have become together with their mother, the whole of my world.

K’Tala is a beautiful girl with a beautiful, if challenging mind. She has a boundless curiosity and, for better or worse, shares her father’s awkward need to share, expound and explore ideas out loud and in the trenches.

Devan has the energy of a dervish djinn and a heart as gentle and fragile as the first blossoms of spring. And he has the bitter blessing of his fathers attention deficit.

I am thankful for my work

I have, for two years now worked from home as a freelance entrepreneur, earning my living and caring for my family by my own efforts. In doing that I have actually enabled Diane to stay home and we have begun homeschooling our children. I can think of nothing in the course of my life to be more thankful for than the close, consistent presence of my family.

I am thankful for my friends

In the course of the last two years I have had the great fortune to reconnect with many friends from various points in my life with whom I had fallen out of touch. Jim Park, Kevin Parker, Danelle Parks (seems to be a pattern here), Susi Moralles, James Earl, Lisa Powers … and more. We are, I think, unique in that most of our parents will never experience reconnecting with old friends in this way and most of our children will never loose contact in the first place. This is a shared experience, available to a moment in time, for which I am thankful to be present.

I am thankful for life

I am Thankful for the outlook I have gained on the future because of these many wondrous things that have entered my life in the past few years. I am already older than I ever expected to be, but now I find myself hopeful about a life lived beyond anything I ever thought I might care to want.

I occasionally watch the news and I am thankful that, as bad as it may seem at times, I am not subject to situations many times more difficult than is the case. I pray that those people are stronger than I, and count the blessings of my relatively paltry concerns.

As much as I wish I could be more egalitarian in nature, If I’m to start this thing by being honest, I must confess that I am thankful that I am among the global 6% of wealthiest people on this planet and that my family need not face the terrible conditions that consume so many parts of the human family. But, too, I am thankful that I am aware of these situations and that I can do some small things to attempt to aid and to bring awareness of the plights of people who face these hardships. [ Darfur Relief ] [ Water Changes Everything ] [ Vaccines for Africa ] [ Let Girls Be Themselves ]

I am thankful for now

I am thankful to be alive at a time of such amazing advancement in technology, in human understanding, and I honestly believe, in being human. We are certainly not perfect, but we are also not standing still. We are solving, ever so slowly, problems we argued bitterly about as I was being born, and we are arguing bitterly about things we would not even acknowledge back then. It is painful some times, but it is progress.

I am thankful for the explosion of knowledge and the advent of true power of the press in the hands of the people, not just those with the means to own a press. If you lack for any hope of the future, look at the straights of the institutions that once held iron control over the process of publishing ideas and the explosion of ideas into the market. this too has it’s warts, and there are places where it is downright ugly, but it is real and it is power reclaimed from the elite and returned to the folk.