Amazon Gets Me.

Google gets me, and Amazon might get me a little more even. MSN ( bing didn’t get much of a chance) never seemed to know me at all. eBay and Alta Vista  were one night stands (well Alta was more of a one month fling) and Yahoo! was a borderline abusive relationship.

But amazon really gets me. I know that it freaks out a bunch of my friends when they see things like this, but I think it’s cool as hell.

Check it out.

Amazon knows what I like.

Amazon’s socially driven selections for me.

They pretty well nailed me.

Netflix thinks I’m my kids…

Netflix top ten for me

My Netflix top ten.

Now, that isn’t Netfix’s fault. My kids watch tv a lot more than I do, though lately they have taken to spending more time watching animal kingdom type videos on YouTube than cartoons on netflix, so that might change. In fact netflix is actually right, even about me, because my real preferences are providing entertainment for my kids through their service than for myself. As search moves ever more toward true discovery, these recommendation engines pick up on ever growing numbers of signals. Thos signals introduce nuances that no planed, organized system could ever have constructed. This stuff had to evolve.

In all there is an obvious and relentless march toward the websites we use knowing more and more about us. A lot of people thing that is a bad thing, and while I won’t say they are just wrong, I will say that the net effect on my life is all in the plus column from this trend. I find things i like more readily, I see less stuff I couldn’t care less about and in all the paths to what i am looking for are shorter and faster.

I’m gonna just presume it isn’t the equivalent to a greased chute to the slaughter house.

What sites get you? Which ones are you glad get you? Which ones creep you out a little?